Non-standard customized steel castings Heavy hinge Sand casting

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Non-standard customized steel castings / Heavy hinge / Sand casting

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • You can cast exquisite text and patterns on the products to fully display your company and product image.
  • The casting production has high efficiency and good repeatability, and it is easy to realize mass production.
  • It can produce parts with complex shapes, or cast multiple parts into one, eliminating the need for assembly or welding.
  • The materials are not limited, and can be configured according to the needs of customers in various countries and various alloy materials.
  • The casting has high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish, which can eliminate or reduce mechanical processing and save materials and processing costs.

Product Details

Sand casting type Chemically hardened sand type Item No. BDHYJL02 Special casting type Lost foam casting

Surface treatment without shaving burr trachoma material stainless steel molding process casting

Tolerance +-0.15mm Proofing cycle 4-7 days Processing cycle 4-7 days

Annual remaining processing capacity 10000000000 (pieces) Annual maximum processing capacity 10000000000 (pieces)

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